4 key benefits of optimal parent stock lighting

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One of the main goals in a parent stock house is to produce as many eggs as possible with a maximum hatchability. Lighting has a significant influence on both. It can significantly improve bird behaviour, welfare and performances in both broiler- and layer parent stock houses. An optimal light climate is a must have for a profitable parent stock house.

The 4 key benefits of an optimal parent stock light climate are:

Improve sexual stimulation

Sexual stimulation takes place in the breeder’s brains. Optimal sexual stimulation and increased fertility significantly influence the amount of eggs laid and their hatchability. Lighting plays a key role here. It’s important to use lighting with a broad light spectrum. A spectrum that contains all colours is a must-have, since every colour has its own characteristics that influence the chicken in their own way.

Stimulate egg uniformity and weight

The higher the egg weight uniformity, the better. This, combined with a high laying uniformity is surely beneficial for overall company results. By stimulating feed- and water intake and reducing stress improved performances can be realised. The different aspects of lighting all have their influence on this in their own way.

Less stress

Stress should always be avoided in parent stock houses, since it significantly influences animal well-being and performances. Amongst others, stress leads to a high FCR, high mortality, less eggs and more. A correct light climate significantly reduces parent stock stress in multiple ways.

Floor houses: Reduce floor eggs

Floor eggs: lower quality eggs that require a significantly higher amount of work than regular eggs. They stand for lower revenues and higher costs. The less floor eggs, the better. Fortunately, lighting can help here. Amongst others, it is very important to have the right amount of light at the right place in the house. In this way, desired behaviour can be stimulated.

Improve your light climate. The results will speak for themselves!

An optimal light climate benefits both farmer and animal. Higher animal well-being, better animal performanecs and increased farm results.. who doesn’t want that?! Are you aiming to improve sexual stimulation, have less floor eggs and more?

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