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Happy clients and happy animals: this perfectly describes the results of a CORAX XL installation at OOO PH Rudnichnoe in Russia. Their newly built broiler breeder farm was suffering due to poor lighting that flickered and lacked the desired dimming features. Pecking also occurred. After talking to several poultry, ventilation and feed specialists from the Dutch poultry industry, the company opted for HATO Agricultural Lighting as their partner.

CORAX XL parent stock lighting

Problems to solve: light flicker, poor dimming features and pecking

Marco van den Broek, our contact person on site, stated:

“Our new broiler breeder houses were originally equipped with PL lights. After one production cycle, we identified several problems. The lamps didn’t dim as we wanted, they flickered and pecking occurred. This gave us no other choice than to look further. After talking to several poultry, feed and ventilation specialists from the Dutch industry, we opted for HATO Agricultural Lighting.

After explaining the issues we had, HATO provided us with a custom-made light plan based on the CORAX XL.”

The CORAX XL is especially suitable for breeder houses, since it has a light output of 1750 lumen. Furthermore, it is 100-0% dimmable and flicker-free to optimise animal welfare.

Now what did this result in?
Mr van den Broek told us: “The 100-0% dimming functionality enabled us to simulate sunrise and sunset. We were also very happy with the new flicker-free lamps. A change in the chickens’ behaviour logically followed. As a result, we saw an immediate reduction in pecking which then completely disappeared afterwards.”

With an expected average lifetime of 45,000 hours and an IP67 rating, the CORAX XL contributes to user satisfaction as well. Mr. Van den Broeke explains in his own words exactly how: “An extra benefit is the fact that we don’t have to change the lamps anymore. This saves lots of time and frustration and improves production results”.

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