Your trusted partner in agricultural lighting since 1974

HATO and client at cattle milk farm

Improving life through brightness

Since 1974, we have been working on the best lighting solutions for the agricultural sector.

We believe that an optimal light climate forms the basis for responsible and profitable livestock farming. Our knowledge of the sector and our genuine involvement with our customers form the basis for a durable cooperation and underline our role as a market leader.

That’s how we continuously improve the well-being of farmer and animal through our knowledge and lighting.


Knowledge of the agricultural sector since 1974

Genuine relationships with our partners

Pioneer in the field of innovative lighting solutions for livestock farming

At HATO, we know that lighting is fundamental for globally responsible livestock farming.

By continuously investing in product innovation, knowledge sharing and cooperation, we aim to stay the number one lighting partner in worldwide livestock farming.

The history of HATO

  • 1974

    Where it all started

    In 1974, HATO was founded in Tegelen, in the Netherlands.

  • 1981

    Mushroom lighting

    HATO extended its portfolio with solutions for the mushroom sector.

  • 1995

    Expanding business

    HATO acquired Industrial Tube Lighting (ITL). Afterwards, HATO moved to Slootsekuilen in Beringe (NL).

  • 1997

    Welcome Paul Obers

    In 1997, Paul Obers, director and owner, joined the company as partner.

  • 1999

    Moving to Sittard

    In 1999, the company moved to Sittard where it is still located today.

  • 2008

    HATO Lighting Solutions

    The HATO Lighting Solutions department was established for the growing demand for tailor-made solutions outside the agricultural sector.

  • 2012

    LED’s the future

    HATO introduced a new LED product line for the agricultural sector. The CORAX and BUBO are still the best-selling HATO products nowadays.

  • 2017

    New Office

    HATO is branching out yet again. The building beside the former main office is being renovated, increasing the total area to 4900m2.

  • 2019

    HATO 45 years

    HATO celebrates 45 years full of passion, improved animal welfare and happy customers all over the world. Dutch engineering since 1974!

  • 2020

    HATO 2.0

    HATO acknowledges its leading position in the global market with a new corporate identity. We are fit for the future!

The HATO family

A family culture prevails within HATO and we operate accordingly. We work honestly, open and with respect. Our team consists of a mix of friendly professionals that share a common passion for the agricultural sector. They are more than happy to improve your life through their thorough knowledge of agricultural lighting.

Sales & Marketing
Thommes van Nierop HATO Marketing Director

Thommes van Nierop

Marketing Director
Roy Godding HATO

Roy Godding

Business Development Director
Cristabel Huerta HATO

Cristabel Huerta

Business Development Manager
Nikki Boumans HATO

Nikki Boumans

Business Development Manager
Kim Geurts HATO

Kim Hendrix

Strategic Product Manager
Irene Macian Diaz

Irene Macian Diaz

Business Development Manager
Joey Pernot HATO

Joey Pernot

Inbound Marketeer
Kim Delahaye HATO

Kim Delahaye

Graphic Designer
Robert Verberkt HATO

Robert Verberkt

Sales Administration
Miguel Gomez HATO

Miguel Gomez

Sales Account Manager
Pin-Hsuan Lee HATO

Pin-Hsuan Lee

Sales Account Manager

Susan Frijns

Sales Account Manager

Renée Gehring

Marketing Sales employee
Tom van Hertem

Tom van Hertem

PLF Research Engineer
Jacobine Visser HATO

Jacobine Visser

Livestock research & data analyst
Raymond Goossens HATO

Raymond Goossens

Head of Quality
Dylan Rabeling HATO

Dylan Rabeling

Quality Improvements Supervisor
Margit Bons HATO

Margit Bons

Internal Quality Manager
Lotty Jacobs HATO

Lotty Jacobs

Vivian Heijmans HATO

Vivian Heijmans

Innovation Manager

Mauranne Hardy

Product Management assistent

Marc Kessels

Product Manager
Floris Grommen HATO

Floris Grommen

Innovation Sr.
Remco Vliegen HATO

Remco Vliegen

Innovation Engineer
Luc Custers HATO

Luc Custers

Innovation Engineer
Bart Kallen HATO

Bart Kallen

Innovation Engineer
Wilma Daemen HATO

Wilma Daemen

Product Designer Sr.
Gaston Spronck HATO

Gaston Spronck

Innovation Engineer
Production & Logistics
Koen Bessems

Koen Bessems

Head of Production & Logistics
Steacy Rabeling HATO

Steacy Rabeling

Ronald Kelleners HATO

Ronald Kelleners

Andre HATO

André Filius

Kim Vroomen HATO

Kim Vroomen


Jack Diesveld

Jack Hoofwijk HATO

Jack Hoofwijk

Raymond Breikers HATO

Raymond Breikers

Mark Storcken HATO

Mark Storcken


Maikel Widdershoven

Junior Controller
Paul Obers HATO

Paul Obers

Owner - CEO
Roger Janssen HATO

Roger Janssen

Operations Manager
Ron Jeurissen HATO

Ron Jeurissen

Daphne Waasdorp HATO

Daphne Waasdorp

HR Manager

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