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Let’s team-up!

HATO focuses on cooperation. We share knowledge and experiences with our partners and they with us. That’s how we come to solutions that lead to an optimal result for farmer and animal. Together, we can improve life through brightness.

Knowledge based lighting solutions

HATO partners provide the world with lighting solutions that realise the best results in a responsible way. Our partners don’t just deliver a product. They provide a solution. A solution to specific problems that fulfils specific needs. All backed up by thorough knowledge that we are happy to share with the rest of the world.

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Together with us realising the best results for animal and farmer in a responsible way.

You don’t just offer lighting. You provide knowledge-based lighting solutions.

You become a true light specialist thanks to our HATO light acdemy concept.

You become part of the global HATO family network.

Happy customers

In the decades that have passed since our establishment in 1974, we’ve gained a major amount of knowledge and experience. Lighting matters and we want the world to know. Why? Because an increased understanding of the importance of lighting results in more people realising optimal light climates. This eventually improves animal well-being and farm performances.

To reach this goal, we share knowledge with our partners and they with us. We do so under the flag  of HATO insights. Amongst others, we host webinars, give product trainings and exchange knowledge with our partners.

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