Durable lighting solutions for the agricultural sector

Laying hen farmer with HATO employee outside layer farm

Good agricultural lighting
is essential

We have been providing lighting solutions for the agricultural sector since our establishment in 1974. To ensure durability, agricultural lighting solutions need to be at least harsh environment resisting.

Depending on the type of application, lots of other requirements have to be met. This to eventually enable a responsibly and profitably operating farm.

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Poultry lighting

The importance of poultry lighting is being increasingly recognised. Well-deserved in our opinion. Both farmer and animal benefit from correct lighting. It is a key factor in responsible and profitable poultry farming.

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Pig lighting

Lighting matters for pigs. Correct pig house lighting both stimulates pig and farmer well-being. This results in more profitable pig farming in a responsible way.

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HATO lighting for pigs

Cattle lighting

An optimal light climate is very important for cows. An optimal light climate significantly improves the results for both animal and farmer. This, at its turn, leads to more profitable and responsible cattle farming.

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Mushroom lighting

Mushroom house lighting mainly focuses on optimising the work environment of the people working in the mushroom houses. Most importantly, mushroom lighting needs to be harsh environment resisting. This to be able to function durably in the damp environments in a mushroom house.

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