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Cattle lighting

Our extensive amounts of research and our experience in agricultural lighting since 1974 have led to one very important conclusion. Lighting can make a major difference in cattle farming.

Good lighting makes life better for both the cows and the farmer.

Cattle well-being

Cattle, just like any other type of animals, has its own visible abilities. The light climate should be provided in such a way that their vision is optimised. By optimising cattle vision, it’s well-being and performances will improve accordingly. Besides that, different aspects of light are able to directly influence cattle well-being and performances.

Dairy cattle, dry cattle and calves all have their own needs with regards to lighting. Fulfil these and farm results will improve automatically.

For cattle, good lighting

Is adapted to the cattle’s needs

Is able to optimise cattle vision, and thus it’s well-being and performances

Can directly improve cattle well-being and performances

Has to be adjusted to the life stage the cattle is in

Has different benefits in each stage

Happy customers

Farmer well-being

When the cows feel & perform better, this automatically leads to improved farm results and a happy farmer. Lighting can, however, be of more value to the farmer.

Durable, high quality lighting that is especially designed for cow houses is key here. In this way, the lamps can be cleaned easily, whilst they are able to withstand the harsh environments in the cow houses. This makes the lighting equipment able to perform on the long run. Result: lower workload, down-time and replacement costs.

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Energy efficient LED lighting has a positive impact as well; both on farm results and on the environment. High quality LED Lighting makes a significant difference in energy costs whilst reducing the impact on the environment.

Better results in a responsible way!

Good lighting benefits the farmer because it

Lowers workload

Reduces replacement costs

Decreases down-time

Has a positive impact on the environment

Lowers energy costs

It realises better results in a responsible way

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