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Mushroom house lighting

Although mushrooms won’t grow faster thanks to light, good lighting is unmissable in a mushroom house. The people working in the houses need to be able to work in a convenient environment; lighting plays an important role in realising this.

Mushrooms are usually grown in growing rooms. After harvesting, the entire growing room is cooked out using steam to ensure any pathogens present are destroyed. Formalin can be used during the production period to protect against infections by competitor moulds. Other chemical products can also be used when the growing rooms are cleaned.

The highly aggressive and extremely damp environment in a mushroom house requires durable, high quality agricultural lighting. The lighting equipment needs to be able to withstand the different external factors. To be able to do so, the lamps need to be hermetically sealed, made of high quality glass and have a high IP rating.

As you can imagine, you cannot use just any lamp in a mushroom house. Our CHAMPI LED has been especially designed to face these challenging circumstances.

Good mushroom house lighting is

Important for the people working in the mushroom house

Able to withstand the harsh environments in a mushroom house

Hermetically sealed

Made out of high quality glass

At least IP67 rated

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