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Poultry lighting

Our decades of experience, combined with our extensive amounts of research have convinced us of the fact that the lighting equipment is an essential part of the overall equipment in a poultry house.

Correct lighting improves both poultry and farmer well-being in multiple ways.

Poultry well-being

Poultry perceive light differently than human beings. When lighting looks just fine for human beings, it can be far from that for poultry. This means that the light climate should be adapted accordingly. A light climate that fulfils the needs of poultry improves poultry sight. By improving poultry sight, welfare and eventually performances can be improved. Lighting is also able to directly improve poultry welfare and performances in multiple ways.

Discover the 7 key aspects of poultry lighting

For poultry, good lighting

Improves sight and thus welfare and performances

Directly improves welfare and performances

Fulfils the specific needs of the type of poultry

Benefits each type of poultry in its own way

At HATO, we know that every type of poultry has different needs. It’s important that the different aspects of light are adjusted accordingly to fulfil those needs. This results in multiple benefits per type of poultry.

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Farmer well-being

Animals that feel and perform better surely benefit the poultry farm manager, but good poultry lighting can be of even more value.

Durable, high quality lighting makes life way easier. Lighting solutions that are easy to clean and able to function easily under the harsh circumstances in a poultry house will have a long, problem-free lifetime. This eventually reduces workload, replacement costs and down-time.

Energy-efficient lighting makes a significant difference as well. When looking at the energy bill at the end of each year, this can save lots of hard earned money. A welcome side effect of this is that it is beneficial for the environment as well.

Better performances in a responsible way!

For farmers, good poultry lighting can

Reduce workload

Lower replacement costs

Prevent down-time

Save energy costs

Help contribute to a better environment

Happy customers

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