More eggs, a higher hatchability, less stress and other benefits

Poultry parent stock HATO lighting

Parent stock lighting

Lighting is able to make a big difference in each poultry house. Every type of poultry has its own needs when it comes to the optimal light climate. That’s our belief after more than 45 years of existence and tons of research and experience. Together we are able to provide a light climate that benefits both animal and farmer.

For both broiler- and layer breeders, lighting can be of significant importance. Lighting is able to optimise breeder sight, which enables them to feel and eventually perform better. In this way, the chickens experiences less stress, improve their feed conversion rate (FCR) and more. When the different aspects of light are on point, they are able to directly influence parent stock welfare and performances as well. More eggs, a higher hatchability, less stress and lots of other benefits are the logical result. Last but not least, an optimal light climate improves the parent stock’s offspring’s well-being and performances.

As a conclusion, an optimal parent stock light climate responsibly improves overall farm performances.

Optimal lighting in a parent stock house

Plays a key role for both broiler- and layer breeders

Optimises sight

Increases well-being: less stress

Benefits the parent stock’s offspring

Improves performances: more eggs, higher hatchability, etc.

Improves farm performances in a responsible way

Parent stock house specific lighting

Every house has different heights, widths, lengths and wall colours. The system used may differ as well. To make use of the right lighting solutions and to position them correctly, it is important that all relevant factors are taken into account.

Each parent stock house has specific lighting requirements. In order to realise an optimal light climate, the set-up of a custom-made light plan is inevitable.

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