Correct lighting increases desired behaviour

Rearing chicken with HATO lighting

Rearing lighting

Lighting is able to make a big difference in each poultry house. As we’ve experienced and seen in research over the last decades, every type of poultry has its own needs when it comes to lighting. Together with our partners, we’re able to fulfil all of them to make both the animal’s and the farmer’s life better.

To enable optimal results during the production stage, an optimal light climate during rearing is a must-have. Good lighting enables the chicks to see better, which increases their well-being, health and performances. In this way, they can find their feed easier, explore their environment better and experience less stress. The different aspects of light have several direct influences on chick well-being and performances as well. Amongst others, correct lighting can increase desired behaviour, stimulate sexual development and more.

Long story short: an optimal rearing light climate improves overall farm performances in a responsible way.

Optimal rearing house lighting

Enables better results during the production stage

Increases sight: better environmental adaption

Improves well-being: less stress, increased desired behaviour & more)

Improves performances: sexual development, better FCR etc.

Stimulates desired behaviour

Rearing house specific lighting

To be able to provide an optimal light climate, it is important to take every aspect of the house into consideration. The height, the width, the colors of the walls, the system used and so on; it’s important to take all relevant factors into account. In this way it can be determined which lamps should be positioned where.

Every rearing house has its own lighting requirements. That’s why it’s important to create a custom-made light plan.

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