CORAX DDS: “uniform light distribution and less animal stress”.


Schothorst Feed Research, a well-established feed research institution located in Lelystad, the Netherlands, are more than happy with their CORAX DDS installation. The reason for this installation was the full renovation of their broiler test house in which high performance lighting surely couldn’t be left out.

CORAX DDS broiler lighting

Since Schothorst and HATO have known each other for years, Schothorst requested a custom-made light plan at HATO Agricultural Lighting. Jack Morren, Manager Poultry at Schothorst Feed Research, said the following about this:

“Proper lighting couldn’t be left out when renovating our current broiler test house. For this, we reached out to HATO; a company we’ve known for many years. Once again, it turned out to be a great choice. The custom-made light plan, the guidance in advance and the price perfectly matched our needs.

Especially the guidance in advance convinced me of the fact that HATO was the best partner to achieve the desired results. The main challenge was to realise proper light distribution in the test pens. After setting up a custom-made light plan, HATO suggested the CORAX DDS.”

Main challenge: improve the light distribution within the test pens.

The CORAX DDS is well known for its uniform light distribution. It is the perfect solution for this house. In addition, the CORAX DDS is able to simulate daylight. This was highly appreciated by Jack:

“We are very happy with the possibilities of this lamp. The light distribution has significantly improved and thanks to the dynamic daylight simulation, the stress level among the broilers has clearly decreased.”

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