“CORAX helps us to achieve the desired results”


Another CORAX installation, another happy partner!

This time, our partner Climanavas equipped a brand-new broiler house at Pollos Selectos Mora S.L. (Spain) with CORAX lighting.

Luckily for us, they were happy to share their experiences with us!

Why did you purchase new lighting equipment?

“For a simple reason: we built a brand-new broiler farm where good lighting is absolutely essential”.

We were looking for high quality lighting that:

  • performs well
  • is easy to use
  • benefits animal well-being and performances
Lighting 1

Why did you choose HATO lighting?

“The choice was easy. We already have four other farms where we have been operating with HATO lighting for several years and our experiences are good.”

“HATO lighting is durable and it reduces energy costs. Furthermore, the uniformity of the lamps is good, they are easy to use, and they help us to achieve the desired results.”

Are you happy with the results?

“Yes. The CORAX does exactly what we expected it to do. The energy costs are low and the light uniformity is good. As a result, the birds behave and perform well.

A welcome contribution to the profitability of the farm.”

Lighting 2

Would you recommend us to others?

“Definitely. We’re happy with the performances of all the five HATO lighting installations we have so far. The quality is good, the energy costs are low and the productivity of the farm is good.

And, the co-operation with the HATO team goes like a breeze.

Altogether, we would definitely recommend you guys to other people.”

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