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Growing room lighting: Mushrooms

Although mushrooms do not need light, good lighting is important for people working in the highly aggressive environment where mushrooms are grown.  The extremely damp environment requires durable agricultural lighting. The lighting needs to be able to withstand steam and water leaks.

Mushroom are usually grown in growing rooms. A specially composed substrate ensures that the mushrooms can flourish on the growing beds. The cropping cycle takes about six weeks. During the whole process, a high RH level and a temperature between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius must be maintained.


Extreme conditions

After harvesting, the entire growing room is cooked out using steam to ensure any pathogens present are destroyed. Formalin can be used during the production period to protect against infections by competitor moulds. Other chemical products can also be used when the growing rooms are cleaned.

Related products

HATO Agricultural Lighting has a unique solution: the CHAMPI LED lamp. This successful follow-up to the CHAMPI TL line has been specially developed for use in the aggressive conditions found in mushroom growing rooms. The hermetically sealed glass bulb prevents the aggressive environment from forming a hazard for the lamp and it has a guaranteed burning time of 50,000 hours.

Download CHAMPI LED leaflet