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Besides poultry, pigs and cattle, other animal categories can benefit from good housing equipment. The added value of lighting for these animal categories is explained here briefly.


For turkeys, animal housing equipment uses a different light spectrum and light intensity than for chickens. It is important to use application-specific lighting to optimise the environment for turkeys.

Although turkeys belong to the animal category poultry, they react differently to chickens to certain aspects of the light climate. Turkeys therefore need a different light intensity and they react differently to chickens to the light spectrum. Application-specific lighting is also needed here to optimise the environment.


The provision of good house lighting for quails prevents unnecessary clustering caused by poor light distribution.

Good house lighting is necessary to anticipate the specific lighting requirements of the quail. Just like laying hens, quails need a correct light program.  Quails require good light distribution to prevent the problem of clustering.


Good house lighting contributes to the sexual maturity and egg production or growth and meat production in ducks.

Optimizing house lighting can improve ducks’ performance. Good lighting makes it possible to apply an optimal light program, which results in the stimulation of sexual maturity and egg production or growth and meat production.


The right house lighting makes optimal control of the biorhythm possible, resulting in optimal animal welfare, health and performance.

For minks, it is important to enhance the environment with good house lighting so that they can make best possible use of their surroundings. The correct light simulation results in a well-controlled biorhythm. A good biorhythm contributes to animal welfare and leads to good animal performance.


Achieve good light management by using good house lighting and stimulate reproduction in does and bucks.

Optimal control over the reproduction of does and bucks can be achieved by using a good lighting program. A good light program lasts for the right length of time and gives the right light intensity at the right moment. Good house lighting is essential for creating good light management.