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Lighting for pigs

There are various types of pig farm, which may specialise in one type of husbandry system or may house multiple phases in pig production. The phases of pig production are farrowing, service, gestation, nursery, finishers and gilts. Each phase has its own specific needs and consequently, each phase places its own demands on equipment and management.


Multiple management aspects, such as climate and feed, are taken into account in a pig house. However, lighting, although it can make a significant difference, is often overlooked. Amongst other things, lighting can improve fertility and increase feed conversion rates. However, not every lamp is suitable for each specific pig production phase or pig house.

Each pig production phase has different demands that require different lamps and different light management. The same goes for housing. Not every lamp is suitable for every type of housing.
The lamps should suit the phase in pig production and the type of housing.

There are several phases in pig production, each of which is completed in different kinds of housing. Each pig production phase and each type of house requires different light so it is important to adapt the lighting system and light management to suit the production phase and the type of housing.