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Conventional housing system

Conventional nursery housing systems consist of either small or large groups. Within these systems, different feeding systems can be used. The floors in the house can differ as well; they can be slatted or closed, concrete or plastic. These different factors demand different points of focus regarding light.


Optimising the conventional housing system

In both small and large groups, correct light distribution is important. The definition of correct distribution may differ per system used in the houses. To stimulate feed and water intake, a piglet must be able to explore its environment properly. Using a good light climate will help the piglet achieve this. To decrease stress levels, it is important that the lights used stimulate social contacts between growers. This is particularly important during the first few days after weaning. Finally, providing good light distribution that reduces stress will also improve feed conversion rates. Calm piglets with an optimal feed intake will grow best and feed conversion rates will improve.