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Light is an important factor in breeder management, for both layer breeders and broiler breeders. An optimal light climate is essential for maintaining a high level of animal welfare, health and production. Light controls the day and night rhythms, egg production and the behaviour of breeders. An optimal light climate is needed to help the breeders get the very best out of their environment.  Broilers and laying hens both produce a different end-product, and they require a specific light climate.

Layer breeder

Light management for layer breeders is relatively similar to that of laying hens. Layer breeders and laying hens are both bred for egg production.  However, layer breeders are housed differently than laying hens. The light climate should be supported by good house lighting to achieve the very best....


Broiler breeder

For broilers, the parent stock are selected for both growth potential and egg production. Good house management is important to steer towards good feed conversion rates and high egg production.