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Broiler breeder

For broilers, the parent stock are selected for both growth potential and egg production. Good house management is important to steer towards good feed conversion rates and high egg production. Optimizing the environment in the house - by creating the best possible living environment - enables broilers to deliver a top performance.

Innovative house lighting makes a vital contribution to creating a good house climate, so that broiler breeders can utilise the environment around them optimally. Innovative lighting facilitates an effective light program which steers activity and thus the energy balance of the broiler breeder. This makes it possible to achieve a high feed conversion rate and high egg production.


Male parent stock

The necessary light climate depends on how insemination takes place. This can be done by natural mating or by artificial insemination. With natural mating, male and female parent stock are both present. A higher light intensity - and another light climate - are therefore necessary to enhance the sexual activity of the male birds.

Enriched cages– colony housing

An optimal light climate in traditional cages should provide broiler breeders with sufficient stimulus for reproduction.

In traditional cage housing, house lighting should provide the correct light stimulus above the feeding trough.  The correct house lighting and light distribution should be chosen to achieve this. In a traditional cage, the activity area and resting area are not separated, so the focus is on creating sufficient light above the feeding trough for optimal reproduction.

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Floor housing

A high light intensity in the activity areas and a lower light intensity in the resting areas to prevent undesirable light levels in the nests are both aspects of an optimal light climate for broiler breeders.

The most common type of housing for broiler breeders is floor housing consisting of one or more rows of nests placed lengthwise in the house. Drinking lines and feeding lines hang above the grids alongside the nests. Ideally, lighting in floor housing used for broiler breeders should create an optimal light distribution while preventing undesirable light levels from reaching the nests.

 Specific equipment of floor housing for broiler breeders requires lighting that allows for activity around the feeding and drinking lines, as well as rest in the nests. Specific lighting is needed for specific housing systems.  Not only light distribution, but also light intensity and light spectrum need to be optimal to properly stimulate the biorhythm. It is very important to stimulate the biorhythm as the reproductive system of the breeders requires this stimulation to maximise production of fertilised hatching eggs.