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Alternative housing

An alternative housing system usually consists of two system rows separated by a corridor. The system rows comprise several levels; each level is a miniature version of a floor housing system. Each level contains feeding and drinking lines and is filled with litter. An advantage offered by the alternative housing system compared with standard floor housing systems is the fact that chicks hatch when they are in the actual system. This eliminates the need for transport and offers the chicks immediate access to feed and water - and gives them a better start in life.

Guidelines for the light climate in the alternative housing system are similar to those for a standard floor housing system. A good distribution of light is essential for optimal utilisation of the environment by the chick. The standard dimensions of a level in the alternative housing system, including the height, are smaller than those used for a standard floor housing system. Because of this, an alternative housing system has specific lighting requirements.

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We advise using BUBO LED tubes for alternative housing systems.

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