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Floor housing

Generally, floor housing consists of a single, enclosed space filled with litter on the floor. Depending on the dimensions of the poultry house, a certain number of feeding and drinking lines are installed in this space. Uniform light distribution is extremely important in floor housing systems, because of the open character. Shadows and bright spots of light should be avoided.  A higher concentration of birds congregating at these places can result in the litter getting wet. Wet litter can cause breast blisters and footpad lesions. Good lighting can prevent these problems.

When a floor housing system is being set up, it is essential to pay close attention to the ultimate light distribution. Good light distribution is an essential requirement for an optimal light climate. The right lighting stimulates the use of the entire floor housing system and meets the needs of the chicks.

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CORAX (DDS) and PULSA are perfect solutions for floor housing systems. SURNIA has been specially developed for low buildings up to a wall height of 2.5 metres.

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