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A combination of a cage system with a floor system such as the aviary is divided into activity and resting areas which need different lighting.

Aviary housing systems come in different sizes and have different facilities. Generally, they are based on an open system with different levels, fitted with perches, nests and a large free-roaming area. The aviary is an open system where the birds are able to roam freely in, under and on top of the system.  Each component of the equipment in the housing has a different purpose and, therefore, a different lighting requirement.

When equipping an aviary and creating an optimal light climate, it is important to consider four aspects: the top of the system, the space under the system, the free-roaming area and the feeding trough. Feed intake, thus the feeding trough, needs light as a stimulus.  In the space under the system a light climate needs to be created which prevents the birds from laying floor eggs. The main lighting system need to encourage roaming behaviour in the free-roaming area as well as being able to guide the chickens to the top of the system when dusk is simulated. The creation of an optimal light climate in the different areas of the aviary encourages natural behaviour. The simulation of natural behaviour increases both animal welfare and performance.

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