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(Enriched) cages - Colony housing

As a result of the ban on traditional cages, the enriched cage and colony housing have been developed. Both require a specific type of lighting.

Enriched cages and colony housing are two different sorts of cage system. Following the ban on battery cages, these systems were developed to improve animal welfare. Unlike the traditional cage, the enriched cage is fitted with litter, perches and nests. Colony housing is an improvement on the enriched cage because it provides the laying hens with more space. Enriched cages and colony housing are configured differently to traditional cages and require a different form of lighting.

Optimize the products

To optimise the set-up of an enriched cage system or a colony housing system, three areas need to be controlled and optimised by lighting. The feeding trough, and therefore the feed intake needs to be stimulated; the activity area, for free-roaming behaviour; and the nesting area for stimulating laying behaviour. Taking care of these three areas involves responding to demands placed by the equipment and, therefore, the needs of the birds.

STERNA has been specially developed for traditional cages. Light is distributed well over different levels and provides a guarantee of enough lux units for the feeding trough. The special print on the lamp prevents too much light from shining on the birds, while at the same time guaranteeing enough light for the feeding trough.

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