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Broiler breeder rearing

During rearing, broiler breeder chicks destined to become parent stock need to reach the correct weight. Lighting is used to promote sexual maturity in the birds. A well-equipped poultry house is essential for achieving these goals.  Lighting is an important component of housing equipment. A good light climate is crucial for fostering natural behaviour, adaptation to the new environment and encouraging the right activity.

In combination with a good light program, a good light climate will result in good animal performance. Light can positively influence the vision of broiler breeders during rearing and achieve an optimal biorhythm. An optimal biorhythm, along with good activity, will result in the desired weight-gain and good feed conversion.

Cages enrichies - colonie

When broiler breeder parent stocks are kept in cage housing during rearing, the aim is to use light management to create a good balance between activity and rest. This leads to good feed conversion, without activity resulting in undesirable behaviour.

In combination with optimal light distribution, an optimal light intensity is important to encourage the right activity in cage housing.  The correct stimulus should create a constant daylight simulation without allowing over-stimulation to cause too much activity and undesirable behaviour. Light intensity should differentiate the feeding trough - the activity area - from the rest of the cage - the resting area. In this way, the right house lighting can be used to encourage optimal use of the equipment in the house.

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Floor housing

In floor housing the aim is to use optimal house lighting to promote the best use of the facilities and equipment in the house. Feeding and drinking lines need to be clearly visible and shadows and bright light spots should be avoided.

During rearing, broiler breeders are usually kept in housing similar to the housing for broiler chicks. In this case, the floor housing system also consists of one enclosed space filled with litter.  Depending on the dimensions of the poultry house, a number of feeding and drinking lines are installed in this space. For broiler breeders, a uniform light distribution is also very important during the rearing period. Shadows and bright spots of light should be avoided.  Good lighting reduces the risk of breast blisters and lesions on the foot pad.

When floor housing for rearing broiler breeders is being installed, it is important to focus on an optimal light distribution. An optimal light distribution is an essential requirement for an optimal light climate.  Encourage the use of the entire floor housing by providing optimal house lighting.