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Rearing layer parent stock

When rearing layer parent stock, it is important to optimise the housing equipment so that good parent stock can be delivered to the producer. To achieve this, it is essential to optimise the housing equipment. House lighting is an important aspect of this equipment. House lighting is used to optimise the use of the equipment in the house. Optimal use of the equipment provided results in optimal body weight and prevents undesirable behaviour being caused by stress situations. These can cause problems during laying.

The application of a specific light spectrum encourages optimal use of the housing equipment. The right light program can further enhance the environment for layer breeder parent stock.

Enriched cages– colony housing

To ensure that the light stimulus is correct the when equipping traditional cages, enriched cages and colony housing, it is important to separate the activity areas from the resting areas - in terms of light intensity.

House lighting in enriched cages, traditional cages or colony housing must fulfil certain requirements. The house lighting must provide the right light intensity at the right places and thereby achieve the correct light distribution.

For rearing layer breeders housed in enriched cages, traditional cages or colony housing, correct light intensity must be applied: a different light intensity is used in the activity areas than in the resting areas. Generally, the activity areas consist of the feeding trough and, sometimes, a free-roaming area.   Application of the correct light intensity, in combination with the right light spectrum, provides an optimal stimulus here and results in a good feed intake, a lower feed conversion rate and natural behaviour.

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Floor housing

Shadows and bright spots of light should be avoided in order to encourage use of the entire house and the equipment.

During rearing, layer breeders are usually kept in housing similar to the housing for adult layer breeder parent stock. A uniform light distribution is also very important for layer breeders during the rearing period. Shadows and bright spots of light shining on the floor should be avoided. Good lighting reduces the risk of stress and therefore undesirable behaviour.

When floor housing for rearing broiler breeders is being equipped, is important to focus on an optimal light distribution, an essential requirement for an optimal light climate.   Encourage the use of the entire floor housing by providing the layer breeders with optimal house lighting.