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Shed lighting: Pigs

For pigs, house lighting can help to optimise vision and how well the environment is utilised.  It is also possible to control a pig's biorhythm by using a good light program. When a good light program is used in combination with the right light intensity, it is possible to improve sow fertility and increase piglet growth. With pigs, different animal categories require different things from house lighting.

Farrowing sows with piglets, pregnant sows, dry sows and newly mated sows need a high light intensity to improve fertility and reproduction.  Weaning and newly weaned piglets need a higher light intensity to help them adapt to their environment and to encourage a good feed intake. However, finishers can be kept in housing with a lower light intensity.

Extreme conditions

In addition to light intensity, it is important that house lighting for pig’s functions properly in the aggressive climate found in pig houses. The lamps must, for example, be resistant to ammonia.

 Animal performance is enhanced by a good light program and by providing an optimal light climate; animal welfare is improved when the right light spectrum is offered - this maximises the use of the environment. It is essential to develop good house lighting for use in the aggressive climate found in pig houses.

 The CORAX is a sturdy solution for pig houses. The EXTREME LED can be used here, too.