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A practical guide to improved performances

News - placed on 28/09/2018

HATO Light Academy

The HATO Light Academy was launched in 2016. With over 40 years of experience in poultry lighting, our knowledge on the effects of light on poultry has developed to a high level. As we provide lighting solutions that improve animal welfare and performances, we wanted to educate our business relations to become light specialists. In this way, they would be able to fully understand what can be achieved through good lighting. From this perspective, we developed an online training tool called the HATO Light Academy.


Recently, we identified the need for a practical tool that can be consulted whenever and wherever needed. The Practical Guides were born!



Practical Guides: identify, consult, improve

The Practical Guides are manuals that give instant information on areas of improvement in poultry houses and the ways in which light can play a role. They can be seen as (pocket) consultants that can be consulted anywhere, anytime. There is a practical guide for general material related subjects and all types of poultry housing.


How does it work in practice?

First of all, it is important to identify the points of improvement in the house. Piling? High feed conversion rates? Floor eggs? Take a critical look throughout the house and identify all challenges.


After identifying the points of improvement, sign in to the Practical Guides and look for these specific topics in the guide. The way in which lighting can solve

your problem will be explained. Is your problem not mentioned? Don’t worry. Get in touch with us via the quick button in the guide, so we can provide you with the information you’re looking for.



We’ll team up with you to come up with the lighting solution you need. Let’s start improving together!


Interested? Enrol yourself!

Interesting, right? The Practical Guides are protected by a login function. Click here to enrol yourself!

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