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Research-based lighting to improve performances

News - placed on 10/04/2019

As you probably know, our lighting solutions focus on improving animal welfare and performances. Now, to realise this, it is important to develop products that are based on solid research. That’s where our research team comes in! 
The research team currently consists of three dedicated professionals with a passion for animals : Kim, Jacobine and Tom.




Kim, who grew up on a pig farm, is our Head of Research. She is in charge of the overall operations of the team and the main contact person for the majority of our researches worldwide. In addition, Kim shares lots of knowledge with our extensive network via the HATO Light Academy and (on-site) presentations.


Jacobine and Tom, who both have a background in the livestock branch, are our livestock and data, analytical specialists. They mainly focus on gathering as much farm data as possible and translating it into valuable information that is applied in product development. 

Research-based lighting

Performing their own research, regularly visiting farms, cooperating closely with research institutions and staying in touch with our customers enables the research team to quickly identify the needs in the market. That’s where the development of our products starts: centred on the needs of farmers and animals.


Identifying a need is one thing but making sure the product fulfils it is another. The research team plays a significant role in achieving this.


They ensure that prototypes are carefully trialled on farms, make an in-depth analysis of the results and data and work closely with John, our Product Manager. This enables our product development team to produce the desired end result: a product that meets and fulfils needs of animals and farmers by facilitating improved animal welfare and boosting the overall performances.




Start improving straight away!


Are you looking to improve animal welfare and overall performances? Let’s improve together! Click here to get in touch with us or request your free tailor-made light plan here.

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