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The only all-in-one poultry light meter in the market.

The HATO ONE is a must-have for every poultry specialist who is looking to improve poultry welfare and performances. Measure. Analyse. Improve,

The HATO ONE is an all-in one light meter that is able to measure all key aspects of light that matter for poultry: lux, gallilux, flicker, spectrum, CIE, CRI, FC and more. Measurements can be made by keeping the device in hand or from a distance by means of an app.

Compare specific measurement data with other lamps, poultry needs or even human needs and directly allocate the points of improvement. The overall measurement data can be exported to a PC for further analysis.

Analysis of all data enables the user to identify points of improvement and start improving the light climate, and thus, animal welfare and performances straight away.


For more information, please visit www.hato.one. Questions? www.hato.one/faq


  • All-in-one light meter for poultry
  • Measure by hand or via an app
  • Measure Light intensity, CCT, Spectrum, CRI, Flicker and more
  • Analysis on the spot
  • Export to PC for further analysis possible
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English manual

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HATO ONE PC Analysis software 1.0.8

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HATO ONE Analyse report software

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