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Power Supply Housing Large

The PSH2 is a Power Supply Housing that can hold up to two power supplies. Since it can be dusty and moisty in a poultry house, the power supplies need to be protected correctly. The PSH2 is the solution to this issue: it protects the power supply thanks to its’ IP65 rating and it will make sure the power supply won’t get too hot.

The PSH2: another step towards a professional agricultural lighting management system. 

Size: 40cm x 40cm x 20cm

230V 40 / 104 600
110V 40 / 104 450
230V 45 / 113  550
110V 45 / 113 400
230V 50 / 122 450
110V 50 / 122 300


  • Able to hold up to two power supplies
  • High level of protection thanks to IP65 rating
  • Makes sure the power supply doesn't get too hot
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