HATO gallilux meter

Measures light as poultry perceive it

The HATO gallilux meter measures - unlike ordinary luxmeters - light intensity as poultry perceives it. Gallilux is the unit for measuring light intensity based on the spectral sensitivity of poultry.

Poultry is sensitive to a broader light spectrum than humans.The measured gallilux values are always higher than or equal to the measured lux values. The HATO gallilux meter enables defining differences in light intensity which are not caused by a difference in lumen output. These differences are caused by a difference in spectral output and therefore cannot be measured by an ordinary luxmeter.

Get to know how your poultry perceives the supplied light and optimize your light climate by using the right light! Please contact us for sales related enquiries about this product.


  • Measure gallilux on-the-go
  • Spare battery
  • Manual
  • Aluminium Case
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HATO gallilux meter instruction manual

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