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Fluorescent main lighting

The HWDK-C ED is a fluorescent agricultural lighting solution, that can be applied as main lighting in poultry houses. It is a 1-100% dimmable, flickerfree lighting solution to stimulate animal welfare. This HWDK is an IP65 rated product, making it waterproof and easy to clean.

The HWDK-C ED is available in 18W, 36W and 58W.

HWDK-C ED HWDK-C 1x18W-T8 HWDK-C 1x 36W-T8 HWDK-C 1x 58W-T8
Voltage 230-240 VAC 230 VAC 230 VAC
Power consumption 18W 36W 58W
Light output 1200lm 2800lm 4550lm
Efficiency 67lm/W 78lm/W 81lm/W
Dim range 1 - 100% 1 - 100% 1 - 100%
IP rating IP65 IP65 IP65


  • Main lighting solution for poultry houses
  • 1 - 100% dimmable
  • Flickerfree
  • IP65 rated
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