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Power supply housing small

As the name PSH SMALL suggests, this Power Supply Housing is smaller than our regular version (PSH2). Where the PSH2 can hold up to two power supplies, this smaller version is ideal for one power supply. It can be dusty and moisty in a poultry house, so the power supply needs to be protected correctly. That’s why you need a power supply housing: this PSH SMALL guarantees an IP65 rating and the power supply won’t get too hot.

The PSH SMALL is another step towards a professional agricultural lighting management system.

Measurements: 35cm x 25cm x15cm 

230V 30 / 86 300
110V 30 / 86  225
230V 35 / 95 275
110V 35 / 95 175
230V 40 / 104 175
110V 40 / 104 125


  • Room for one power supply
  • High level of protection thanks to IP65 rating
  • Protects the power supply from overheating
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