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Higher light output PULSA for breeders

Picture the exact same design, quality and finesse as our proven PULSA solution but with twice as much LED’s. Everything you’re used to have from the standard PULSA, but with a higher light output!

The PULSA XL offers 1750lm, which is 86% higher than the light output of the standard PULSA. This makes the XL solution perfect for breeder houses. Achieve great results with less fixtures: a win-win for everyone.

Just like the regular PULSA, the XL offers a uniform light distribution and a perfect light spectrum. This leads to the prevention of shades, and thus clustering.

This fixture ticks all boxes. It is 0-100% dimmable and flicker free, which increases animal welfare. Meanwhile, customer satisfaction increases as well, since the PULSA XL is an plug and play, easy-to-install and very robust (IP67) product with a long lifetime.


  • Voltage: 48VDC
  • Power consumption: 15.4W
  • Light output: 1750 lumen
  • Efficiency: 112 lm/W
  • Dim range: 0 - 100%
  • Expected average lifetime: 45.000h
  • IP Rating: IP67
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