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CORAX: Uniform light distribution and energy savings

Testimonial created on: 15/09/2016

One of our beloved clients chose HATO Agricultural Lighting for our service and outstanding product quality;  the CORAX 9W is a true energy efficient product with voltage fluctuation protection; a common risk in South – Asia. Thanks to our custom designed controllers it can be dimmed smoothly from 0 to 100% without any flickering which enhances animal welfare.


“HATO Agricultural Lighting is a partner that thinks with us. Such companies are hard to find nowadays. The CORAX 9W was exact what we needed to solve some hurdles we’ve encountered; no uniform light distribution, high energy costs and bio security. All of which are very important to secure animal welfare and maximize profits at the same time. Together with HATO we found a suitable solution and I’m positive I will consult their expertise for any future planned sheds.”


Last year we were lucky to welcome the CEO of this South-Asian customer at our headquarters in the Netherlands. His search for cost efficient, reliable lighting solutions let him straight to our innovation department. We always find a perfect lighting solution. We secure the best light distribution due to proper lighting management. At HATO Agricultural Lighting we think with you.

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