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STERNA: Improved animal welfare and production thanks to proper lighting

Testimonial created on: 02/02/2017

At HATO Agricultural Lighting we love to get positive feedback from our customers and let’s be honest; who doesn’t? After one of our beloved Chinese clients got in touch with us, they couldn’t wait to share their satisfaction with their new STERNA lighting system. A dramatic (positive) difference in the lighting occurred, having positive consequences for their level of animal welfare and production:


“We have had years of some challenge in our farms, and we came to the conclusion that animal stress was one of the main causes. Lighting can be one of the stress factors. We noticed the lamps were moving sometimes, due to the wind, which caused some shadows. The lighting near the cage was way brighter than the lighting far away from the cage. Lamps got broken very often , because they were not waterproof and they started to flicker.

Then we started looking for solutions to improve all these problems. We found HATO lighting, who helped us finding the proper lighting solution. Furthermore, we learned from HATO that light spectrum and EMI (electrical magnetic interference) also matter.

We are very satisfied with the results and the improvement in production. After using HATO lighting for more than one year, we are convinced that HATO is the expert for chicken lighting.”

- Beijing CP Egg Industry Co. Ltd.


At HATO Agricultural Lighting, we think along with you: we will always provide the best suiting lighting solution for you! Animal welfare and customer satisfaction are our core values!

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