EXTREME LED: It was exactly what we hoped for, super!


De Römer V.O.F. is a goat farm that milks 3000 goats at its main site. The animals used for breeding are housed on another site. “Our management system consists of a cycle that is repeated three times a year. That means that we mate and inseminate a number of our does three times a year so every four months we have a cycle when kids are born.” explains Jasmijn Strous, farm manager at De Römer V.O.F.

 Goats are seasonal breeders; a correct light climate is essential for optimal production and animal welfare.

BEFORE: In the old situation there was not enough difference between the hours of light and darkness. The general lux levels were structurally low.

The natural rutting season for bucks depends on the time of year; they are seasonal breeders. This means they only start to exhibit rutting behaviour as the days get shorter in autumn.

“Our management system is therefore not always synchronised with the animals’ natural cycle. So if we want to mate the does ‘out of season’ we have to ‘trick’ the males into believing it is autumn so they can start rutting. We do this by adjusting the number of hours of light and darkness in the barn.” explains Jasmijn.

AFTER: Creating a light pattern that replicates the season. Stimulate a fertile period with the help of lighting.

 “Their perception of light is very important for our goats. We have been working towards optimising the fertility of our animals and came up against the light intensity in our barn. We thought there wasn’t enough clear difference between the lux levels in the light and dark hours.

We started investigating new lighting systems in our barn for the bucks and found HATO Agricultural Lighting. HATO informed us about their lamps that replicate daylight lux levels, exactly what we wanted to create in our barns. We received a light plan that promised that all the animals would experience 200 lux throughout the building. In the end we were advised to install EXTREME LED to create the ideal light distribution pattern.”

AFTER: After we received a light plan we decided to opt for lighting from HATO Agricultural Lighting

“This light plan has optimised the lighting pattern in the barn and we are extremely satisfied with the results; a huge improvement in how our goats experience light; ideal for us and our animals. The bucks are showing a lot of rutting behaviour, which was exactly what we hoped for. Another bonus is that we can clean the lamps with a high-pressure cleaner without having to worry.”

We love to receive this kind of feedback; all your stories are welcome! Would you like to share your experiences with our HATO lighting with us? Please contact our sales department; we look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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