HATO 2.0 explained!


We’re sure you already noticed that we have a new logo, that our corporate colours have changed and perhaps you’ve even seen our new mission statement. After over 45 years of existence, it was time to take the next step. HATO 2.0 is here!

The evolution of HATO

After its establishment in 1974, HATO quickly grew to become the number one supplier of mushroom house lighting solutions. Afterwards, our curiosity and passion for farming took us to new fields of expertise. By pushing our boundaries and continuously innovating, we became a global player in the field of agricultural lighting. Service has always been important to us, but in the last decade, it took a more prominent position in our company culture. That’s not where it ends though…

Why HATO 2.0?

We continue our story by taking our outstanding service to the next level. Partnership; that’s our main focus from now on. Durable co-operations to reach the best results on the long term. Sharing will play a key role in this. We share knowledge and experiences with our partners and they with us. That’s how we come to solutions that lead to the best results for both farmer and animal. Together.

A new HATO brand experience is born!

What has changed?

A lot has changed, but we’ll try to keep it short for now. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have in a personal chat.

The most important changes on the inside.

Mission: Our reason of existence, our why.

At HATO, we believe that lighting is fundamental for globally responsible livestock farming.

Vision: Our main goal

By continuously investing in product innovation, knowledge sharing and cooperation, we aim to be the number one lighting partner in worldwide livestock farming.

Company orientation: Our focus for the years to come.

We will focus on co-operation. Sharing knowledge and experiences with our partners and vice versa will be at the core of this. Together, we come to solutions that realise the best results for farmer and animal.

Core values: Our three pillars of existence

  • Integrity: We treat the world and everything around it in an honest, open and respectful way. Our norms and values are more important to us than a quick win.
  • Innovation: We’ve risen from a deep passion for innovation and look for new solutions to surpass ourselves every single day.
  • Family: We work with each other, not for each other. We believe that cooperating and treating each other as family enables us to achieve the most. Our way of cooperating is honest, sincere and forgiving.

Our slogan: All of the above in one strong tag line

HATO's new slogan
Improving life through brightness

Now, how will this look on the outside?

Our logo:

  • As you can see, we have a brand new logo. It is designed to match our new mission, vision and orientation. Some explanation:
    The logo as a whole stands for strength and leadership in an integer way.
  • EST. 1974 obviously emphasizes our year of establishment. Something we’re very proud of.
  • The O, which is comparable to a sun, stands for brightness. Brightness in two ways. Sharing knowledge & providing light.

As you will see throughout our communications, this O will be a source of light that will shine in differing angles over our texts and graphics. Pretty cool, right?

Our colours:

We now have a corporate colour and a separate colour for each animal segment we focus on as you can see below.

Why? Well, each segment has its own expertise, research, knowledge and thus products. Because of this, we think they all deserve their own colour.

HATO applications

What’s in it for you?

As you can see, a lot has changed. A new mission, vision, logo, colours and so on.. At the core of all of this, is our shift from being a service-oriented company to being a partnership-oriented company.

Are you curious about what will these changes mean for you? Get in touch with us here. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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