HATO celebrates 45 years of existence.
Happy animals and happy farmers: that’s what we have lived for since 1974!

Where it all started

It all started in 1974. Founders Hay and Ton founded HATO to provide fittings and cables that were especially made for the agricultural sector. In 1997, our current CEO Paul Obers joined the company as a partner after having worked at HATO since 1982. Up until that time, HATO was mainly active in the Netherlands. Its main focus was poultry lighting, mushroom lighting and project-based lighting.

Paul Obers when he was young
Paul Obers holding one of the first poultry specific lighting solutions in the early HATO days

After 45 years, a lot has changed

HATO has developed into a specialist partner in animal-friendly light climates. The HATO family has significantly grown and our smart lighting solutions are currently used all over the world. Our main goal? Happy animals and happy farmers. We make every effort to optimise their welfare and improve farm performances.


We believe that knowledge is power. That’s why we have performed extensive research throughout our 45 years of existence. This has shown that satisfied and stress-free animals guarantee the best results for farmers. Now, what do we do with all this knowledge?

  • We develop knowledge-based products to realise the best results.
  • We run the HATO Light Academy to share our knowledge with the rest of the world. Sharing is caring.

Cristabel Huerta holding a laying hen
Cristabel Huerta – Makes animals and farmers happy in Latin America


HATO Lighting makes lifes better

For the last 45 years, we have been working on making life better for both animals and farmers. How? We develop animal and house specific lighting solutions. Improved animal welfare and overall company results are the proven result of this.

We realise this in multiple ways. First of all, we make sure our products meet the needs of the animals in the house. We take care of every aspect of light that can affect poultry. Think of the light spectrum, light intensity, light flicker and more. Furthermore, we set up custom-made light plans in close co-operation with the farmers. The purpose is to see which lamps should be used and in what way to realise optimal results.

HATO Light Academy

Over 45 years of poultry lighting knowledge has been bundled in our HATO Light Academy. The HATO Light Academy consists of an online training tool, practical guides, and training provided by the HATO team. This concept is focused on you. We want you to become a light specialist. Just like us.

Let’s improve together!

A free custom-made light plan, access to our HATO Light Academy or on-site training given by one of our poultry lighting specialists? It’s all possible. Get in touch with us via [email protected] so we can improve together!

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