HATO Insights. Brightness for everyone!


In the first quarter of 2020, we proudly launched the HATO 2.0 brand experience. As a result, HATO is going through a transformation in all aspects of the company.

One aspect that certainly couldn’t stay behind is our HATO Light Academy.

It’s time to bring brightness to everyone. HATO Insights is born!

One day in 2016…

the HATO light Academy was born. An account-only online training tool designed to teach about the importance of poultry lighting. It was a very proud moment for us, being the first agricultural lighting company with its own Light Academy. Our main motivation behind it? We wanted to educate our partners to become light specialists. Just like us.

However, after years of service and many graduated academy members later, it’s time to say goodbye to the original HATO Light Academy and take the next step.

HATO Insights. Brightness for everyone.

2020: HATO Insights

The original HATO Light Academy was limited to one tool with account-access only.
From now on, we  will be sharing knowledge with everyone using several tools:

  • Our website’s News & Knowledge section: a frequently updated database full of valuable, easy to understand articles.
  • LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter: several posts a week with interesting information, videos, news and more.
  • HATO insights webinars: in-depth webinars on differing topics
  • Private / group training: Online and on site. On request only.

Kim giving a live webinar. Follow our social media channels to subscribe to our next webinar!

Why do we do this?

Well, these tools are available for everyone. This will enable us to spread our knowledge all over the world.

Furthermore, to come to the best solutions, we share knowledge with our partners and they with us. HATO Insights 2.0 enables the two-way communication needed to take our partnership to the next level. As we love to say: Improving life through brightness

Do you have an account at our “old” HLA?

Since the “old” HLA is offline, your account and all data that belong to it have been deleted in the correct way. No need to worry about your privacy!

Let’s wrap it up

We’re saying goodbye to the HATO Light Academy in its original form. HATO Insights will focus on spreading knowledge all over the world using several tools that are accessible for everyone, anywhere.

Enrich your knowledge now!

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