Installation has never been easier. Pre-wired CORAX!

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As you know, we focus on co-operation at HATO. We share knowledge and experiences with our partners and they with us. That’s how we came to the conclusion that a pre-wired CORAX would make life significantly easier.

A pre-wired CORAX: what’s that?

With the pre-wired CORAX, our Production Team cuts and connects all the cables exactly as defined in the light plan. The only thing you, your installer or your customer has to do is to hang the rows of lamps at the right place and connect them to the power supply. It’s as easy as that.

How do you benefit from that?

Way lower installation time

Well, like you can see in the video below, installing a row of CORAX becomes a matter of minutes instead of hours.

Can you imagine how much time this saves when installing CORAX in one or multiple poultry houses? Contact us to discover what our pre-wired CORAX can do for you.

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Optimal light climate

Since everything is prepared exactly according to the light plan, there is less room for error during installation. This means that it’s easier to realise an optimal light climate. That’s very important, as an optimal light climate significantly improves animal well-being and performances.

Improving life through brightness

With the pre-wired CORAX we prepare almost the whole installation of the lamps upfront. This significantly reduces installation time, whilst there is less room for error in realising an optimal light climate.  It’s a win-win!

Discover what the pre-wired CORAX has to offer you.

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