Jadeed Group: “We’re glad we joined the HATO family!”

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After working closely together with the Jadeed Group, they have now equipped 30 of their broiler breeder houses with CORAX lighting. Quoting the CEO, Mr. Mian J.M. Javaid Rathore, on the results:

“We earned the investment back in less than 18 months due to multiple improvements.We’ve had 0% downtime in the last 36 months and our energy costs decreased by 60% per house. Compared with the CFL houses, our birds perform significantly better in all 30 houses lit by CORAX. HATO certainly fulfilled their promises.”

Amongst others, they experienced multiple improvements in bird performances:

  • 2% more hatching eggs
  • 2% higher hatchability
  • A double as long peak production period and 2.5% higher peak production
  • 4% higher bird uniformity, reaching 94%

Thommes, our Marketing Director, flew to Pakistan to visit Mr. Rathore and speak about his experiences with us. Afterwards, he went on a road trip to visit several Jadeed farms throughout the country. The video says more than a thousand words! Have a look at it below.

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