Lower import tariffs! CORAX made in NL

After carefully listening to our partners from all over the world, we’ve made a big decision. From now on, we’re not only designing our CORAX in the Netherlands, we’re also producing it over here. The CORAX is coming home.

Main reason? To reduce import tariffs in several countries. There’s more though… 

CORAX Made in NL

Lower import tariffs

The Dutch CORAX has an EUR1 Certificate. This means that its import tariffs will be significantly lower in several countries. The amount and applicability of this differs per country. It could save up to 40% of the total price. A premium product that’s potentially 40% cheaper. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Will you benefit from lower import tariffs?

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  • The standard for modern poultry lighting
  • Increased poultry vision, well-being & performances
  • Long, problem-free lifetime (50.000 hours)
  • A responsible investment with high yields on the long run
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Installation has never been easier

As an additional service we offer pre-wiring with the Dutch CORAX. With pre-wiring, we prepare and connect the cables exactly as defined in the light plan. The lamps only have to be placed in the right position & connected to the power supply. Installation has never been easier. This will benefit you in multiple ways:

  • Installation takes seriously less time, saving a significant amount of installation costs.
  • There is less room for error when installing the lamps. This makes it easier to realise an optimal light climate. As you know, an optimal light climate improves animal well-being and performances.

Lower installation costs and a better light climate. Who doesn’t want that?

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Improving life through brightness

Long story short: from now on we’re producing the CORAX in the Netherlands as well. This means import tariffs are significantly lower in several countries. Besides that, we’re able to offer pre-wiring to seriously increase ease of instalment.

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