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After listening carefully to our partners all over the world and doing extensive market research, we’ve developed the PICA.

The PICA is specially designed for those who want to start with professional poultry lighting.

PICA: The Start to Professional Poultry Lighting

The PICA is an affordable LED lighting solution that meets HATO quality standards. A perfect start to professional poultry lighting.

It is a 230V lamp that can be used in floor houses for broilers and A-cage houses for laying hens.

Replacing old, low-quality lighting in an existing house? The PICA is the answer! But… it’s also ideal for newly built houses.

A better life for farmers and poultry 

The PICA has been specially designed to make life better for both farmer and poultry.

For farmers

For farmers, the PICA makes a big difference in several ways:

1. Low purchasing costs

The PICA is an affordable lighting solution that meets HATO quality standards. This means it’s a high-quality product that is fairly priced.

Its 100-2% dimmability makes the PICA suitable for all stages of the poultry’s life. This means there is no longer any need  to purchase and install differently powered lamps for different life stages, as is the case with regular bulbs. The result: fewer lamps to be purchased and installed.

Combined, this means  low purchasing costs for a high-quality lamp.

2. Fewer replacements

The PICA is IP67 rated and made out of the highest quality materials. This makes it a problem-free lighting solution for the long term. As a result, the number of lamps that break down and have to be replaced over several years will be close to zero.

This means that the amount of labour hours and costs associated with replacing broken lamps will be very low.

3. Easy cleaning

Thanks to the PICA’s IP67 rating, it can withstand high-pressure cleaning while the lights are on. The days of removing all the lamps for cleaning are over, making cleaning the lamps and the house in general a piece of cake.

Result: many fewer working hours and easy cleaning.

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4. Low energy costs & short earn-back times

The PICA is an energy-efficient LED lighting solution. Its energy consumption is therefore very low, especially when you compare it to ‘regular’ bulbs.

The PICA’s overall costs of investment are higher than those of regular bulbs but the difference can easily be earned back thanks to the significantly lower energy costs of using the PICA.

In short, the PICA’s high energy efficiency significantly reduces both energy costs and the earn-back time.

5. Improved farm performance

All the benefits of the PICA outlined above reduce costs and make the farmer’s life easier.

The result? Improved farm performance.


Your start to professional poultry lighting

  • Affordable, high-quality lighting
  • Makes the farmer’s life easier
  • Reduces overall farm costs
  • Improved poultry vision, well-being and performances
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There’s more though… The PICA can improve poultry vision and well-being. Eventually, this leads to higher poultry- and thus farm performances.

For poultry

The PICA is the perfect start to realising a professional light climate for poultry.

This helps the birds to see and feel better, eventually leading to improved performance:

1. Improved poultry vision

The PICA’s light spectrum has been adjusted to the needs of poultry to improve their vision.

Thanks to its dimmability, the PICA’s light intensity can also be adjusted to the poultry’s needs.

Together, these features allow the birds to see better, improving their well-being and producing better performance.

2. Less stress

The PICA is flicker-free. This reduces the amount of stress experienced by the birds, especially when you compare it to regular bulbs.

In addition, the PICA is smoothly dimmable from 100-2%. This allows the birds to prepare comfortably for day and night, instead of being scared when the lights are switched on and off suddenly. As you can imagine, this further reduces stress levels.

Improved vision helps here as well: the better the birds can see, the lower the level of stress they experience.

A lower level of stress leads to less pecking, lower mortality, improved poultry well-being and eventually, better performance.

3. More desired behaviours

Better sight and less stress undoubtedly stimulate desired behaviours.

Good light distribution is crucial here as well:

  • For broiler floor houses, it means that the light is equally spread throughout the house, preventing huddling and therefore wet litter.
    As a result, the risk of footpad lesions and breast blisters decreases. The same goes for pecking and eventually, mortality.
  • For A-cage laying-hen houses it means the right amount of light is provided in the right place. By properly lighting the feeding lines, feed and water intake can be stimulated.

Combined with lower stress, this results in an improved feed conversion ratio (FCR).

It’s important to set up a custom-made lighting plan for the poultry house to achieve optimal light distribution.

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4. Higher production

By optimising the light climate, the PICA improves poultry vision, well-being, behaviour and eventually production performances.

The result? Improved farm results.

Improving life through brightness

Long story short: the PICA is an affordable LED lighting solution that meets HATO quality standards.

It is specially designed to improve the lives of both farmers and poultry in multiple ways, reducing costs and enhancing overall farm performance

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