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High quality in-system lighting

  • For almost all poultry- and housing types
  • Increased poultry vision, well-being & performances
  • Long, problem-free lifetime (50.000 hours)
  • Improved overall company results


Let’s improve through brightness

The HWDK LED is available in warm white. Discover what the HWDK LED can mean for you. Our team is more than happy to tell you more about it.

Product information

The HWDK LED is the ideal solution to change a traditionally lighted house into a modern and efficient LED lighted house. It fulfils the needs of poultry to optimise poultry vision, health and performances in multiple ways. Furthermore, it surely benefits overall company results.  and optimises both poultry- and farmer well-being in multiple ways.

Poultry well-being

The HWDK LED is able to stimulate optimal poultry vision and behaviour thanks to its perfect light spectrum and light distribution. Increased feed- and water intake, less huddling and decreased pecking are just a few of the benefits this has. Thanks to the fact that the HWDK LED is 100-0% dimmable and flicker-free, it reduces poultry stress as well. Increased well-being and performances are the logical result of this.

Farmer well-being

Higher animal well-being, increased desired behaviour and better performances make a farmer’s life way easier. There’s more though. The BUBO is easy to install thanks to plug & play connection, easy to clean thanks to being IP67 and has an expected average lifetime of 50.000 hours. This, combined with the BUBO being very energy-efficient, leads to lower costs, a decreased workload, less downtime and thus better overall company results.

HWDK LED: A responsible investment with high yields for the long term.

  • Voltage: 230 VDC
  • Power consumption: 24W / 38W
  • Light output: 2450 lumen / 3950 lumen
  • Efficiency: 103 lm/W
  • Dim range: 100 – 0.4%
  • Expected average lifetime: 50.000h
  • IP rating: IP65