Optimize milk production


Dairy cattle

During the milk- production phase, optimal lighting and lighting schemes will stimulate the release of hormones which thereafter will stimulate the milk production. Proper lighting will also improve ovulation and fertility for the next period. Having optimal lighting will stimulate feed intake in cattle, which is especially important during days with a high THI.

Correct lighting in the milk production phase:

  • Stimulates and increases milk production
  • Improves fertility
  • Stimulates feed intake

Dry cattle

During the dry phase, it is important to have adjusted scheme’s, like they have in nature. Adjusted to that, feed intake will improve, which improves the condition of the cattle. This has an positive influence during the production phase, whereas it will stimulate milk production and fertility as well.

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Optimal lighting during the dry period:

  • Prepares the cattle for the production phase
  • Stimulates feed intake during the dry period
  • Improves cattle conditions
  • Increases milk production during the production phase


Nothing is as important as a good start in life. Proper lighting has the power to stimulate calves during their young lives, to become strong and productive dairy cattle. They will feel less stressed and as a result they will have all their energy to grow into high production dairy cattle. By providing the correct lighting and lighting scheme’s during this period, feed intake will improve, which improves their condition.

Correct lighting for calves:

  • Improves feed intake
  • Leads to stress- free young cattle
  • Improves the young cattle’s condition

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