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AtA Signal Converter 2

Home > Products > Poultry > AtA Signal Converter 2

AtA Signal Converter 2

  • Converts a 0-10V dim signal to a 1-10V signal
  • Three control modes
  • Lower energy costs
  • Control unit / climate computer protection

Good to know

When using the HATO POWER PACK, the AtA Signal Converter 1 can be directly replaced by the AtA Signal Converter 2.

The AtA Signal Converter 2 or – as we call it here – the AtA 2 is a device that converts the 0-10V dim signal from a control unit or climate computer to a 1-10V signal for the HATO power pack and thus the lamps.


The AtA 2 has three control modes:

  1. Auto mode
    In the auto mode, the output of the AtA 2 will automatically follow the 0-10V input from the control unit or climate computer.
  2. Local manual mode
    In this mode, pushing the button on the AtA 2 will immediately decrease or increase the light output of the lamps.
  3. External manual control
    The external manual mode allows external manual control by means of a potentiometer.

The manual modes allow you to anticipate the animal’s behaviour quickly, which can be useful in specific situations to improve animal welfare and performance.

Off-set, climate computer protection & lower energy costs

With the AtA 2, an adjustable off-set can be set to ensure that 10% input (1V input) will turn on the lights. This applies to all 3 control modes.

Besides this, the relay output of the AtA Signal Converter 2 can be used to switch off the HATO POWER PACK in combination with a bigger relay. This will save energy costs, since the power supplies can be turned off as well when the lights are off.

Last but not least, the input signal is galvanically isolated. This ensures that the control unit or climate computer is protected against damage from an overload or short circuit.