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Dynamic Daylight Simulation

  • Natural daylight simulation
  • Adjustable light spectrum incl. UV-A
  • Increased animal sight, well-being and performances
  • Improved overall company results

Improving life through natural daylight

Are you ready to take your lighting to the next step? Have a chat with us to discover the possibilities that the CORAX DDS has for you.

Natural daylight is dynamic. As you can imagine, the light spectrum and intensity change throughout the day. To make sure that poultry sees, feels and performs optimally, it important to simulate the daylight as naturally as possible. The CORAX DDS (Dynamic Daylight Simulation) has been especially developed to realise this.

Natural daylight

Natural daylight gets more intense throughout the day and less intense towards the night. By smoothly dimming (reducing the light intensity) the lights, instead of turning the lights on abruptly, the chickens will feel more at ease in their natural environment and eventually perform better.

Besides the light intensity, the light spectrum changes throughout the day; in the morning there’s more blue in the spectrum. This gradually changes to a warmer temperature (red) throughout the day.

Improved overall company results.

Compared to the regular CORAX, the CORAX DDS is able to even better simulate natural daylight. This thanks to it’s ability to change light colour and the fact that it is able to provide UV-A light.

Apart from that, both the CORAX DDS and the CORAX are similar. They are flicker-free, have a good light distribution to enable optimal animal well-being and performances. They both have an expected average lifetime of 50.000 hours, an IP67 rating for easy cleaning and are made of the highest quality materials. As a result, they benefit overall company results.