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  • The standard for modern poultry lighting
  • Increased poultry vision, well-being & performances
  • Long, problem-free lifetime (50.000 hours)
  • A responsible investment with high yields on the long run


Let’s improve life through brightness

Start improving straight away! Have a chat with our lighting specialists and discover what the CORAX can do for you.

Product information

As confirmed by many users worldwide, the CORAX is the standard for today’s poultry lighting applications. It is a main lighting solution that can be applied in almost every type of poultry house. The CORAX has been especially developed to stimulate both poultry- and farmer well-being.

Poultry well-being

Thanks to its perfect light spectrum and light distribution, the CORAX is able to optimise poultry vision and stimulate desired behaviour. Amongst others, this positively influences feed- and water intake, huddling and pecking. As the CORAX is flicker-free and 100-0% dimmable, poultry stress is also significantly reduced. All factors combined make the animals feel and eventually perform better.

Farmer well-being

Healthy, well-performing animals surely benefit the farmer, but there’s more. Thanks to its IP67 rating, the CORAX is easy to clean. This, combined with the fact that it’s made out of the highest quality materials leads to an expected average lifetime of 50.000 hours or almost 6 years. This significantly reduces down-time, replacement costs and workload.

Last but not least, the CORAX is highly energy-efficient, which will reduce its impact on both the energy bill and the environment.


To make life even easier, we offer pre-wiring on the CORAX. With pre-wiring, we cut & connect all cables exactly as defined in the light plan. The only thing that has to be done is hanging the lamps at the right place and connecting them to the power supply.

As you can imagine, this saves a major amount of installation time.

  • Voltage: 48 VDC
  • Power consumption: 9W
  • Light output: 1000lumen
  • Efficiency: 111 lm/W
  • Dim range: 100-0%
  • Expected average lifetime: 50.000h
  • IP rating: IP67