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HATO 230 dimmer

Home > Products > Poultry > HATO 230 dimmer

HATO 230 dimmer

Professional 230V dimmer

  • The dimmer for our 230V solutions
  • Available for 50 and 60 Hertz
  • Built-in thermal overload protection
  • Easy to install
Product information

This is the dimmer for our 230V lighting solutions. This dimmer will allow for smooth as well as deep dimming. It will therefore assist in optimising poultry vision, increase welfare and overall performance of the animals.

The HATO 230 dimmer follows a 1-10V signal. This can either be an automatic signal or a signal generated by a potentiometer.

This dimmer features a built-in thermal overload protection. When triggered, this will gradually reduce the output to the load until normal operating parameters are reached again.


Thanks to our decades of experience and research, we are able to offer high quality lighting solutions that improve performances in a responsible way. Dutch Engineering at its finest.

More in-depth information on the HATO 230 dimmer? Download the datasheet here.

Download the HATO 230 Dimmer datasheet


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