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All-in-one poultry light meter

  • One of a kind poultry lighting meter
  • Measures all aspects of light that matter for poultry
  • Elaborate analysis and report functions
  • Improvement based on facts

Let’s improve together

Interesting, right? Get in touch with one of our lighting specialists to learn everything you need to about this unique device and poultry lighting.

Product information

Measure, analyse, improve!

An optimal light climate is of key importance for poultry. However, how do you know whether the light climate is good and how can you see what to improve to realise an optimal light climate? From this perspective, we developed the HATO ONE. The HATO ONE enables detailed measurement, elaborate analysis and improvements based on facts.


ONE tool that is able to measure all key aspects of light that matter for poultry: lux, gallilux, flicker, spectrum, CRI and more. Measurement can be made by keeping the device in the hands or from a distance by means of an app.


Compare specific measurement data with other lamps and poultry needs and directly allocate the points of improvement. The overall measurement data can be exported to a PC for further analysis.

Analysis of all data enables the user to identify points of improvement and start improving the light climate, and thus, animal welfare and performances straight away.


By hand or via app
Keep the HATO ONE in hand to take measurements or use the app to measure from a distance via build-in WIFI connection

Light intensity
Measure the light intensity in Lux, Foot Candle and Gallilux (light intensity as perceived by poultry). A correct light intensity throughout the house is of major importance.

Correlated Colour Temperature
Measure the CCT in kelvin. Every colour in the spectrum has its own influence on the chicken throughout its’ life phase.

Measure the light spectrum in nm. A broad light spectrum improves poultry vision.

Colour rendering index (CRI)
Find out how close the light colour of the lamp comes to sunlight by measuring the CRI. The closer the light colour of a lamp to sunlight, the better.

Light flicker
Quantify light flicker in percentage flicker and the flicker index and identify the flicker frequency in Hertz. Flicker is a major stress factor for poultry.

Download PC software Watch the HATO ONE instruction videos